Summer Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Sun

It’s finally summertime and we know how eager you are to spend more time outside, soaking in some much-needed Vitamin D.  While the sunshine is so good for our mind, body, and soul, it can be a little harsh on our skin when we’re not properly prepared.  So, we put together a list of tips to ensure that your skin has just as much fun in the sun as you do this summer.

summer skincare

Exfoliate Less

Exfoliating too much is never a good thing, but it’s especially important to cut back during the summer.  We exfoliate in order to rid our skin of the dry and dead skin cells that collect on the surface, which is super necessary, but also can leave our skin feeling sensitive.  Without the little bit of protection provided by that dry layer, the fresh layer of skin is more susceptible to sunburn and inflammation.

So, the most you should exfoliate is once a week during the summer.  And, if you’re spending most of your time outside, you can even scale back to once every other week.     

Sunscreen: Your Skin’s Best Friend

We know we don’t have to tell you to wear sunscreen.  You already know how important it is to protect your skin from the strong summer sun.  But, we do have a little reminder: if you apply your sunscreen before you’re actually in the sun, it will be more effective.  And, be sure you continue to reapply every two to three hours.  There’s really no such thing as too much sunscreen.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts to protect our skin, we all usually still get burnt, at least once, each summer.  When this does happen, it’s important we help our skin recover and repair.  Luckily, Jojoba Oil is an amazing natural remedy for treating sunburns.  And, our Jojoba Gel Cream will help soothe your skin on those days it does get a little too much sun.

summer skincare

Don’t Forget Some Lip Coverage

While sunscreen is simple to remember, lip balm is easier to overlook.  Our lips are even more sensitive to the sun than the rest of our face.  We recommend finding a lip balm you like that’s at least SPF 10.  And, like your sunscreen, make sure you reapply throughout the day.

Hydration is Key

Keep yourself and your skin hydrated.  Drinking enough water each day is so important, even when you’re not spending all that extra time in the sun.  In the heat, your body dries out at an even quicker rate.  So, be aware of this and hydrate accordingly.

And, fun fact: drinking water isn’t the only way to make sure you stay hydrated.  You can also enjoy a refreshing fruit plate.  Watermelon and cucumbers are two of the fruits with the highest water content, so by enjoying these fun summer snacks, you’re also replenishing your skin.

We hope these easy little summer tricks will help keep your skin just as happy and healthy in the sun as you are.

Is Sweating Good for You: The Best Exercises to Sweat It Out

Unfortunately, some people still question: is sweating good for you?  Well, luckily, we’re experts when it comes to sweat.  And to answer that age-old question, sweating isn’t just good for you, it’s crucial.  We understand that, yes, it can be uncomfortable being hot and sweaty sometimes.  And, sweating can leave you dehydrated if you’re not properly nourishing your body.  But not sweating is so much worse.

Sweating is one of our most important bodily functions.  Not only does it rid our bodies of toxins and regulate our immune systems, but it also boosts our moods, and clears our skin. Yeah, hot and sweaty doesn’t sound so bad anymore, does it?

And while you obviously break a sweat when you’re out for a run, or in your favorite yoga class, these are the three exercises that physiologists deem sweatiest of them all.

is sweating good for you


Riding your bike is a great way to get sweaty, but spin class is on an entirely different level. The high-energy instructors keep your legs moving the whole time.  And we think the fast-paced, fun music helps get that heart rate pumping and sweat flowing, too.  Taking a spin class instead of spinning solo just adds to the fun, because what’s better than really sweating it out?  Sweating it out with a bunch of new spin friends.  

Circuit Training

Circuit training is one of the sweatiest exercise styles because it is a high intensity workout. With this type of exercise method, you may not be working out for as long (only about 30 minutes), but don’t let that fool you.  The reason why circuit training is so quick, and why you get so sweaty, is because you perform a bunch of quick reps within each individual exercise in the circuit, with little rest time in between.  This keeps your heart rate up, and stimulates your metabolism to keep working, even after you’ve finished sweating


Another high intensity workout, kickboxing mixes balance, coordination, cardio, and strength training.  And, while most of us probably don’t plan on getting in the ring anytime soon, kickboxing classes are a great way to learn how to stick-and-move while sweating it out.

These high-sweat exercises are a fun way to flush out toxins, but, contrary to popular belief, it’s also important to sweat, even when we’re not working out.  

is sweating good for you

Sweating in the summer sun is just as crucial for our bodies.  Our bodies need to respond to our environments in order to remain healthy and happy.  Sweating is the body’s way of adjusting to the changing environment, and this adjustment is what helps our immune systems regulate.  Even something as small as too much exposure to air conditioning can throw our bodies off.

So, now when your friends ask, “is sweating good for you,” you’re an expert on the topic, too.  You can give them the rundown on why it’s so great, and then invite them to your spin class.

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Special Ways to Say "Thank You" this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is always a special time of year.  It comes and goes with very little fuss, which says a lot about Moms in general.  Mothers never put themselves first.  They shape the world through love, support, and compassion.  And because each Mom out there deserves the largest holiday, we wanted to at least take this time to give a big “Thank You” to all of them.

We put together a list of our favorite gifts to give this Mother’s Day.  And, for those of you Moms out there whose kids are still too young to be drawing inspo from a blog, consider this a fun little list of different ways to express some much-deserved gratitude to yourself (you can always write “from the kids” on the card, right).

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Brunch  

The most classic and simple way to say “Thank You, Mom.”  Plan a brunch for the whole family.  Now, we prefer a Mother’s Day Brunch instead of dinner because it feels a little more special to get together during the day.  Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us, and it’s so easy to get caught up in our own schedules.  So, starting the day with all of your loved ones over coffee and croissants is a rarity.  And whether you make a reservation at Mom’s favorite restaurant, or host a brunch in your own home, all that will matter is that everyone cleared their Sunday Schedule for Mom.

Book Club Subscription

You’re probably familiar with the various subscription boxes now available online.  Well, among these are book club subscriptions.  This made our list for a few reasons.  It is an unconventional gift that most Moms might not think to get for themselves.  And, it is the gift that keeps giving, considering most services send a new book every month.  So, you’re showing Mom a little love all year round, and helping her find her new favorite book.

Mother's Day Product

Spa Day-cation

Another classic way to say “Thank You.”  But we’re not just talking a gift card or a coupon. We mean actually planning an entire day at the spa for Mom.  We think sometimes, while a gift card is the first step, it just sits there because Mom is busy, or just saving it, either way she isn’t actually enjoying that spa treatment she deserves.  Find a spa close to home, and make her the appointment before presenting the gift card (and, yes, might as well make yourself one, too, so you can enjoy some R&R together).  And, want to know what pairs nicely with that Spa Day-cation?  Coming home to a gift basket full of fun stuff to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Wine & Painting Class

The last thing on our list because, honestly, how fun does that sound?  Wine & Painting Classes have been popping up everywhere over the past year.  And, what a cute way to spend some time, drink some wine, and have a few laughs with Mom.  And if you’re gifting this to yourself via your kids, grab your other Mom friends and make a night of it.  Most studios also offer private classes and events.

We’re so grateful for all the Moms out there, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.