Special Ways to Say "Thank You" this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is always a special time of year.  It comes and goes with very little fuss, which says a lot about Moms in general.  Mothers never put themselves first.  They shape the world through love, support, and compassion.  And because each Mom out there deserves the largest holiday, we wanted to at least take this time to give a big “Thank You” to all of them.

We put together a list of our favorite gifts to give this Mother’s Day.  And, for those of you Moms out there whose kids are still too young to be drawing inspo from a blog, consider this a fun little list of different ways to express some much-deserved gratitude to yourself (you can always write “from the kids” on the card, right).

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Brunch  

The most classic and simple way to say “Thank You, Mom.”  Plan a brunch for the whole family.  Now, we prefer a Mother’s Day Brunch instead of dinner because it feels a little more special to get together during the day.  Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us, and it’s so easy to get caught up in our own schedules.  So, starting the day with all of your loved ones over coffee and croissants is a rarity.  And whether you make a reservation at Mom’s favorite restaurant, or host a brunch in your own home, all that will matter is that everyone cleared their Sunday Schedule for Mom.

Book Club Subscription

You’re probably familiar with the various subscription boxes now available online.  Well, among these are book club subscriptions.  This made our list for a few reasons.  It is an unconventional gift that most Moms might not think to get for themselves.  And, it is the gift that keeps giving, considering most services send a new book every month.  So, you’re showing Mom a little love all year round, and helping her find her new favorite book.

Mother's Day Product

Spa Day-cation

Another classic way to say “Thank You.”  But we’re not just talking a gift card or a coupon. We mean actually planning an entire day at the spa for Mom.  We think sometimes, while a gift card is the first step, it just sits there because Mom is busy, or just saving it, either way she isn’t actually enjoying that spa treatment she deserves.  Find a spa close to home, and make her the appointment before presenting the gift card (and, yes, might as well make yourself one, too, so you can enjoy some R&R together).  And, want to know what pairs nicely with that Spa Day-cation?  Coming home to a gift basket full of fun stuff to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Wine & Painting Class

The last thing on our list because, honestly, how fun does that sound?  Wine & Painting Classes have been popping up everywhere over the past year.  And, what a cute way to spend some time, drink some wine, and have a few laughs with Mom.  And if you’re gifting this to yourself via your kids, grab your other Mom friends and make a night of it.  Most studios also offer private classes and events.

We’re so grateful for all the Moms out there, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.