Why Going Green is Better for You and Your Wallet

Needless to say, we’re big fans of the green movement.  Our entire product line reflects that.  And, while it may be our mission to “green” skincare, we think it is important to go green across the board, and simply live our most eco friendly life.

And so, in the name of our sweet Mother Earth, we’re here to shed some light on exactly what it is that you get out of going green, and how you can do it.  Because as if being better to our planet isn’t reason enough, going green is also better for both you, and your wallet.

all natural skin care

Green Your Diet

When people think of “going green” in regards to diet, they tend to simply think of shopping organic.  While yes, this is important, and better for you (because the only thing we dislike more than harsh chemicals in our skincare products, are harsh chemicals in our food).  It is not the only way to green your diet.  There are little changes you can make that don’t entirely revolve around organic groceries.

In the summertime, plant and grow some of your own vegetables.  We don’t expect you to grow an entire farm of crops obviously, but start with some kale and lettuce.  In doing so, you’ll save money on buying a couple of veggies at the store (and save yourself from snacking on nasty pesticides you may not know about).

Plus, isn’t it a little rewarding to know that you’re eating something you’ve grown yourself.  Farm-to-table’s all the rage and you can make it happen right on your front porch.

Green Your Home

The pros of “green-ing” your house honestly outweigh the cons immensely.  Partially because there literally are no cons to having a more eco friendly household.

By replacing regular light bulbs with CFL bulbs, you’ll cutback 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions…with just one light bulb.  Not to mention, you’ll cutback your energy bill an impressive amount.  And, want to cut your energy bill even more?  When it’s bright out, open up the blinds and let the natural light brighten up your house for you.

all natural skin care

Green Your Self

By being good to yourself, you’re being good to the environment.  You wouldn’t expose the earth to harsh chemicals, so don’t expose your skin to them either.  Buying natural products helps you be kinder to yourself, and the environment, at the same time.

And, natural products can actually be better for your budget, too.  We don’t like to toot our own horn but our deodorant can last up to one week…let’s see aluminum do that.  So, you’re doing your wallet, and your skin a favor.

While these are all very little steps to an all-around more eco friendly life, little steps are still steps in the right direction.  And, if everyone’s willing to do just a little bit, then that effort isn’t so little anymore.

Outdoor Workouts to Try this Summer

We all love to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  And, what better way to do so than exercising outside?  It’s so great to be good to our bodies, and enjoy the outdoors all at once.  While a sunset jog and outdoor yoga are both awesome, here’s a few fresh ideas that we have on our list of outdoor exercises for the summer.

Outdoor workouts

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Honestly, this isn’t as tricky as it sounds.  And, trust us, it doesn’t require nearly as much planning as you think either.  You can make up as little as three rules, and those rules can be super simple.  Like any scavenger hunt, you find something, and then do something.  See, easy.  So, one of your rules can be find a bench, and each time you find a bench, do 12 chair dips.

Grab your friends and get everyone in on the fitness scavenger hunt.  Because the only thing better than enjoying some endorphins under the summer sun, is doing so with your friends, too.

Paddle Board

Just add water to enjoy this relaxing, yet still rigorous workout.  Stand up paddle boarding is great for your core, your balance, and honestly a great way to get some serenity out on the water.  You can paddle board in a pond, lake, or the ocean (but, psst, little pro tip, it is definitely much harder in the ocean with the different currents and waves).  Paddle boarding’s at the top of our list because we love when a good workout also becomes a great hobby.  It’s so much less fun when exercising just feels like another job.

And, another plus side, they now make paddle boards that fold down to the size of a lounge chair.  So, compact car?  No problem.

Outdoor workouts

Run a Race

Signing up and training for some sort of race during the summer is really fun.  The term “race” being used pretty loosely here, because it really doesn’t matter how fast you run, or even walk.  It’s honestly just really rewarding to finish something you’ve signed up for.  Not to mention, the money from most races goes towards a good cause.  So, find an organization you care about and see if they put on some sort of 5k walk or half marathon.


The most rewarding way to get outside and work out is to get outside and volunteer!  There are so many volunteering opportunities that get your body moving.  Walk dogs at the local animal shelter, plant a community garden, organize a neighborhood clean-up day.  This is probably our favorite, fresh way to sweat it out under the summer sun.  Not only are you being good to your body, but your being good to your community, too.

So, whether it’s renting a paddle board, or seeking out some shelters in your community, try to take your workout with you this summer.  Because you don’t need to confine yourself to the gym when you’ve got the whole world and some sunshine all in your corner.

Dry Brushing: What It Is and Why You Should Get on Board

You may have heard of dry brushing in the past, but are a little unsure of what it is exactly.  Dry brushing is an important tool in helping your body detox.  It helps exfoliate your skin by brushing away that surface layer of dry and dead skin cells, while also stimulating lymph nodes, improving cellulite appearance, boosting circulation, and so much more.

While dry brushing provides these great benefits, most people are still hazy on what it is specifically, how to do it, and why.  So, we’re here to clear the air and tell you everything you need to know about dry brushing.  And, why you definitely want to add it to your daily routine.

Dry Brushing

What it is

Basically, dry brushing is just brushing your skin with the soft, but stiff, bristles of a non-synthetic brush.  Sometimes we forget that our skin is our largest organ.  And, it is an organ of elimination, so about one-third of our bodies’ toxins are exerted through our skin.  Dry brushing helps make this process easier by ridding skin of dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

Dry brushing doesn’t just help your body detox from the skin’s surface, but it also stimulates your lymphatic system, which is what’s pushing all those toxins out from the inside.  And, as if helping make it easier on your body to get rid of those nasty toxins wasn’t enough, dry brushing also is proven to help minimize the appearance of any cellulite on the body.

How to do it

Okay, so you know what dry brushing is, but now you need to know how exactly you’re supposed to do it.  Easy.  Just buy yourself an all-natural bristle brush.  We prefer one with a longer handle so that it’s easier to reach each part of your body.  Then, every day before you shower, brush yourself.  It’s important that you start at your feet and always brush towards your heart.  And, make sure you use long, sweeping strokes.  After you brush and shower, then moisturize.  It’s important to note that, while dry brushing may leave your skin a little pink at first, you should never brush so hard that your skin is red or scratched.

So, by doing just a little bit more before your shower each day, you can be doing your skin a big favor.