How Do You Know if You’re Moving Your Body Enough?

When reaching for a health goal, we often ask ourselves, “how much time exactly am I supposed to spend exercising?”  Well, the answer to this is relatively simple.  When it comes down to it, you should be moving your body every day.  However, there is a such thing as too much exercise, too.  If you aren’t giving your muscles the time they need to rest and recuperate, you could actually be doing more harm than good.

So, we wanted to clear the air.  And not only help clarify how much you need to be exercising in order to reach your health and wellness goals, but also, just how much you need to be moving your body in general.

Our bodies are our greatest tool.  They are capable of so much, and we need to show our appreciation by keeping them healthy and happy.  We’re all guilty of getting caught up in our busy schedules, and maybe not giving our body’s the little bit of TLC they deserve.

health and wellness goal

But, how do we change this?

Think about it this way.  You should be moving your body every day.  This doesn’t mean hitting the gym every day.  But it does mean stretching your limbs and getting your blood flowing.  Go for a short walk when you get home from work, or spend five minutes every morning stretching each muscle.  Our bodies crave movement in order to fight off stiffness and fatigue, especially when we’re most likely spending the majority of our day working. 

When you are trying to reach a specific fitness goal, you’re range of movement obviously has to be a little more intensive than a walk around the block.  But how often you’re pushing your body is still important.  While moving your body every day is necessary, so is a day of rest from any workout.  Your muscles need time to recover from all that hard work you’re putting in.  So, pick a day to skip the gym and stroll around your block instead. 

And, to see the best results when reaching for your health and wellness goals, remember to switch it up.  Challenge your muscles in different ways.  Alternate between running, yoga classes, and riding your bike on different days of the week.  Throw some circuit training and strength building exercises in there, and you’ll be feeling stronger faster than you can even say, “fitness.”

health and wellness goal

The goal to understanding whether or not you’re moving your body enough is really just to be in touch with yourself.  Remember it’s important to treat our bodies right by taking them out for a spin each and every day.  But also remember, that our muscles do need rest in order to keep working hard and keep us going.

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