5 Ways to be Your Happiest Self (While Spreading the Smiles!)

Last Friday, March 20th, marked a very happy day indeed. Why? Because it was this year's International Day of Happiness, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012! As human beings, having connections with other people is integral; however, the way modern societies operate might lead you to believe that the opposite is true. All too often, we are so busy focusing on what is lacking in our lives that we forget to smile and be happy about all the wonderful things that we do have – our health, our homes and love and support from family and friends. So, while International Day of Happiness is only officially celebrated one day out of the year, it is important to recognize and carry over its overall message into each new day – reminding ourselves that "the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal," and making a point to reach out and make at least one positive connection per day.

At Lavilin, we are all about spreading happiness, health and wellbeing. For that reason, we’ve listed out some of the top actions from that you can engage in to keep the love and smiles going – 365 days a year!

1. Do Something Kind for Others

What goes around comes around – and when it comes to kindness, this has never been truer. Research shows that being kind to others not only increases our own levels of happiness, as well as theirs, but also is contagious!

2. Volunteer Your Time, Energy and Skills

Whether it's a one-off or something you do on a regular basis, volunteering is always a good thing. In addition to making a positive contribution to your community and the overall happiness of others, volunteering is a great way to connect with new people and increase your own happiness and wellbeing.

3. Make A Point to Get to Know Those Around You Better

 Getting to know the people who live and work near you helps to create a sense of belonging, as well as a shared identity in your local community. It also helps to strengthen connections, trust and happiness within a wider spread area and in outside communities. 

4. Understand the Needs of Others

Good communication is at the heart of all kinds of happy relationships – friendships, families, significant others, work relationships and more. In doing so, you will be better equipped to understand the needs of others, as well as communicate your own. Plus, it's a skill that can be learned, as well as one that will help deepen your connections with the people around you.

5. Seek Out the Good

Surprisingly, it can be easy to take the ones we love the most for granted. And while it’s hard to argue that constant criticism can be highly destructive, we often fall into this trap, especially in established relationships. If we take time to focus on what we value and appreciate in others, however, everybody involved will receive more enjoyment and happiness from the time that is spent together.


"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

~ Maya Angelou