Integrating Meditation into Your Daily Routine

It’s proven that people who meditate daily are happier, healthier, and a whole lot less stressed.  And while it may not seem totally realistic to run off to India and become a spiritual leader, it’s actually not that hard to become the meditation master of your own life. 

There are a lot of common misconceptions revolving around meditation.  Like, that it’s something you can only accomplish in your yoga class.  It’s something so easy to practice, you can slip it into your morning commute to work, or daily shower.

integrating meditation

Meditation is really just about existing in the moment.  It’s being mindful of your surroundings and in touch with your emotions.  It helps you be aware of what’s happening around you, your resistance and your reactions to these things.  And through this awareness, you also acknowledge your control over situations, and acceptance of what you can’t control. 

So, with that being said, these are a couple tips on how you can easily integrate meditation into your daily routine.

Commuting to Work

Whether it’s on the subway, in your car, or on a bus, you can practice meditation on your morning commute.  Instead of focusing on everything you have to do once you get to work, think about the moment you are in, right there, during your commute. 

It’s fine to acknowledge that there’s traffic and you wish there wasn’t, or that the bus is a little more crowded than you would like.  By acknowledging it, and accepting it, you are keeping yourself in this moment.  And, helping teach your mind to remain calm. 

Integrating meditation

Eating Breakfast

When you start your day off, sitting down and enjoying a nice breakfast, it can help set the tone for the rest of it.  Breakfast often gets lost in the hustle of our morning routine.  And when you actually sit down and enjoy (key word here) a nice morning meal to start your day, not only does it give you the chance to kick start your day with some meditation, but it’s also proven to improve focus for the day overall.

Even though meditation is all about being in the moment, it is also about setting your intention.  And, what better time to set your intention for the day than at breakfast?

At the End of the Day

At the end of your day, it’s important to clear your head of all the stresses you may have taken on, and what’s still yet to come tomorrow.  A popular method of meditation to do this is to imagine that you are taking everything that needs to be done out of your head and placing it in a box.  You will open the box and tackle each task tomorrow, but for now, it is out of your mind, and it won’t be on your mind again until it is time to open that box. 

This helps you give your brain the same rest and rejuvenation that you give your body when sleeping. 

So, hopefully these simple tricks will help you get out there and be your most mindful self.  Namaste.