Healthy Summer Day Trip Ideas

Summer’s the perfect time to venture outside your city.  And while we all love a good vacation, sometimes all you need is a little day trip.  Day trips are a great way to get out of town and see something new, all while still making it back to the comfort of your own home at the end of it all. 

And since the summer seems to be just flying by, we put together a list of a couple day trip ideas for you to take advantage of.

healthy summer day trip

Visit a Museum

Because the best kind of day trip is fun and educational, right?  We love going to museums.  And, just one more plus side, there’s basically a museum for anything.  So, no matter what your interests may be, there’s probably a museum for that.  Earth Science, Space, Art.  There’s even a Museum of Ice Cream. 

If you want to take your day trip even further, pick a museum in a different town.  You can explore a new museum and town, all in one fun summer day.

Take a Hike

We love hiking.  And, it’s another day trip that you can completely cater to your own wants.  You pick the length, the difficulty, and the location.  Hiking is a great way to spend a summer day because it feels so good to be immersed in everything the world has to offer.  Pack yourself some snacks and enjoy your time at the top.  

And, if you want your day trip to be an overnight trip, grab your tent and find a little camping spot close to your hike. 

healthy summer day trip

Explore a Ghost Town

Depending where you live, you can probably find a small, secluded town within a few hours from you.  Which makes for a fun day trip, because it’s also like a mini road trip.  It’s fun to spend some time in a small town because when you spend a day somewhere so different than where you live, it really does feel like a little vacation.  We recommend a ghost town too, because it adds the extra element of potentially getting a little spooked and hearing some good stories.

It’s important to make the time for yourself, and to do the things you want to do this summer.  It’s so easy to get stuck in our everyday routines, but you know what, it’s also pretty easy (and, not to mention, rewarding) to make little day trips part of those routines.