Types of Skincare Products to Steer Clear of

We’re proud that none of our products contain any harsh chemicals, and it's exciting to see other leading skin care professionals hopping on the same chemical-free train. But with all of the different skincare products out there, it can quickly become overwhelming when deciding which one to go with.

The good news? Knowing some of the red flags to look out for when making your decision can make this process much easier. 

Here are a few to keep in your back pocket:

Heavy Fragrances

In general, the way fragrances in skincare products are regulated can get a bit tricky. Many of the ingredients that make up a heavy fragrance tend to fly under the radar, and can be filled with tons of spooky synthetic and allergy-provoking chemicals. 

So what's a person to do? Look for products that utilize natural oils or allergen-free fragrances (much like our own), and brands that are transparent about the ingredients that go into their products. Hey, if the shoe fits. 

Heavy Exfoliators

Exfoliating is incredibly important. But we’ve said it before, and we still stand by it: there is such a thing as too much exfoliation. And heavy exfoliators can be harmful to your skin.  Abrasive scrubs strip your skin, which leads to dryness and irritation.  And, it can worsen skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne. 

Instead, try natural cleansers and more gentle exfoliators to keep your pores clean, and your skin healthy.

Long-Wear Makeup

We know that maybe makeup isn’t technically skincare, but you still are applying it to your skin, right?  So, we figured, might as well arm you with the power of knowledge in this department as well.

 For starters, long-wear makeup products are able to cling to your skin for so long because their packed full of strong chemicals that your skin shouldn’t be exposed to on a daily basis (or, honestly ever).  And, that’s not the only problem. 

When wearing long-wear makeup, we tend to fall off of our typical skincare routine.  Think: not washing your face because it’s “concealer you can sleep in.”  It’s never good to have harsh chemicals on your skin, but especially overnight.

At the end of the day, slowly replacing any red-flag products with alternatives that are free of harsh chemicals and parabens is a great place to start.  Trust us, your skin will thank you.