How to Stay Cool at the Office In the Summer

We all know the struggle: When it’s so hot and humid out, looking your best in the office feels impossible. The cute outfits you love to wear in the fresh spring weather suddenly feel like a weighted blanket, and you’re worried all day that a coworker might see how much you’re sweating. Ugh, it’s the worst. But luckily, there’s good news. You’re not alone, and we’re going to give you some tips on how to look your best and also stay cool at work all summer long.

What to Wear to Stay Cool

They say to dress light, but what does that even mean? Well, it means a lot of things, and they’re not all intuitive. Your clothes should be lightweight and also light-colored. Breathable fabrics like cotton, chambray, or linen will let air circulate, and light colors reflect heat. But there are a lot more layers to this (well, not literally - you should avoid too many layers).

Staying cool during the summer months: lighter clothes


In addition to wearing light clothes, you should wear textured fabrics. There’s a reason seersucker is so prevalent in hot climates! The textures create small spaces where the material isn’t touching your skin, keeping your body temperature lower. It’s also better to wear long, flowy clothes, as these can be more effective than shorts will. So, break out the long flowy linen pants and the chambray shirts, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber. Past this, it’s never a bad idea to keep a bandana or handkerchief around in case your forehead is glistening a little!

Lower Your Body Temperature with Diet

Not to sound too much like your mother when you would play outside as a kid, but drink water! This advice is perhaps the most important thing you can do to regulate your body temperature (and to stay healthy in general). Nobody likes to sweat, but the reality is, it’s how your body cools down. If you don’t have water, your body can’t cool down!

lower body temperature with water

Past this, it’s just a matter of knowing what to eat and not to eat. As a general rule, it’s best to eat “lighter” foods, like fruits and veggies, and to eat smaller portions more frequently rather than big meals less often. Also, cutting down on salt and protein is a good idea, as these cause metabolic heat, which leads to water loss. Finally (and this is possibly the hardest one), keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum, as these can also spike body temperature.

A Few Life Hacks for Staying Cool: 

Get a Desktop Fan

There are a lot of options out there! Price and desktop real estate will impact your decision. Options can be as simple as a clip-on fan that plugs into your USB port. Pick what’s best for you and get the air circulating!

Try a Cooling Mat

Think the cool side of your pillow, but thinner, more convenient, and ready to be placed wherever you may want. You can put a cooling mat down by your feet, on your seat, or even on your backrest. No matter where you put it, though, it will definitely help you keep cool.

Switch to LED Bulbs

Ever accidentally touched an incandescent light bulb? It hurts! That’s because incandescents produce a lot of heat - heat that will also raise the temperature of your workspace. Desk lamps are often a necessity, so toss an LED bulb (a win for your body temperature and the environment).

Stay Fresh with Quality, Long-Lasting Products 

Of course, no matter how many of these tips you take up, you’ll need to practice good hygiene. One of the most critical personal products you need is deodorant. Lavilin’s deodorants, such as our 72hr Roll-on Deodorant and our Underarm Deodorant Cream, are all made without aluminum. This practice is essential because aluminum clogs your pores, allowing bacteria to grow, which causes odor. Rather than trying to cover the smell up, our deodorants combat bacteria, stopping it in its tracks. Say hello to a healthier, longer-lasting option for you to use all summer.

If you try out these tips and tricks, you’ll be the coolest (and least sweaty) person in the office in no time!