Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap: What's the Difference and What Should I Use?

It’s a debate as old as time, or at least as old as body wash: bar soap or liquid soap? They’ll both clean you, but is one healthier for you? It turns out the answer is a bit more complicated than you might think, but luckily, we’ve broken it down so you can figure out what’s best for you!

The Case for Liquid Soap

Liquid soaps have become more and more popular, and with good reason. Perhaps most importantly for those of us who hate dry skin (so, all of us), many of them contain moisturizer. A soap containing moisturizer is a huge attraction to many people when wandering the aisles of their local supermarket, but it’s not the only thing that draws people to liquid soap. Many people also prefer the fuller lather that liquid soaps usually provide, as well as the pleasant fragrances.

Liquid soap vs bar soap: which is better

Right now you may be thinking that liquid soaps sound perfect. They can be great, but they’ve got their flaws, too. Take, for example, those fragrances we mentioned earlier. While they may smell great, they come with a few drawbacks of their own, such as agitating some people’s allergies. Some liquid soaps are easy to blow through quickly with means you might be back at the store sooner than you planned.

The Case for Bar Soap

Right off the bat, we should address the usual argument against bar soaps: they’re dirty. This is, in all fairness, not entirely untrue; bars of soap can harbor some bacteria between uses. However, studies have shown that it is improbable that any of these bacteria will be transferred to other people using the bar. Even when scientists have intentionally tried to contaminate their hands by using bars harboring unreasonable amounts of bacteria, none was transferred, so don’t worry! Past this, there are some additional pros of using bar soap. For example, many bar soaps contain glycerin, which can help fight dry skin and even eczema.

which is better? bar soap or liquid soap

However, as with anything, there are downsides. Some bar soaps are high in pH levels, which can counteract the previously mentioned benefits of the glycerin. Also, some which are designed to act as deodorants are pretty tough on the skin and can be too much for those of us with more sensitive skin. And, of course, bar soap can create soap scum in your soap dish and is more likely to be lost down the drain if you’re a bit clumsy (then again, who isn’t?).

So What Does This Mean for Me?

What this all means is that the answer just depends on your body and what is best for you, individually! For example, if you’re allergic to fragrances, try a fragrance-free body wash, or bar soap. If you have sensitive skin, liquid soap with moisturizer is probably your best bet. Luckily, Lavilin’s Body Wash is fragrance-free and also contains moisturizer, so it might just be the perfect solution for your needs! Luckily, Lavilin’s Body Wash is fragrance-free and also contains moisturizer, so it might just be the perfect solution for your needs!