How-To Guide: Smelling Nice in Summer

Staying fresh in the summertime is possible! We’re here to arm you with a few life hacks on how to remove bad smells. We'll also recommend a few products that can help you beat summer stink before it starts.

Staying fresh in summer

Tricks for Removing Bad Odors

  1. Try using moisturizer right after getting out of the shower. While more moisture may seem counterintuitive, the application prevents dry skin. Dry and dead skin will feed bacteria that live on the surface of your skin, a process which creates body odor.
  1. Consider wearing your hair differently. Trapping heat in these areas leads to sweating which, in turn, can become foul odors. If you have long hair, look for ways to wear it that leave your neck and forehead uncovered.
  1. The hotter months may also be a good time to rethink your closet. It’s possible to dramatically reduce your body temperature by choosing garments that give your body the chance to breathe. If your workplace or lifestyle allows for it, shorter clothes will allow air to flow. If you can't adjust the length, consider the material; light cotton and linen are lifesavers.
  1. Lastly, you can also make dietary changes. For some people, foods like red meat, garlic, and curry may change the way you smell. Warmer months may call for a margarita or cold beer, but alcohol can also alter the way your sweat smells. If this is the case for you, consider these items at your diet during summer.

How to Prevent Body Odor in Summer

Removing odors may require lifestyle changes. Preventing the odors in the first place can actually be easier. There are plenty of products out there that can keep you fresh for long periods of time without a lot of fuss. Odor-eliminating products go a long way when it comes to beating the heat; however, you’ll want to avoid products that attempt to concealing the problem instead of solving.

Smell fresh in summer

Lavilin’s 72HR Roll-on eliminates odors instead of masking them behind heavy fragrances. Made from a carefully selected combination of herbs and essential oils, the 72HR Roll-on gently eliminates odor causing bacteria instead of hiding their scent.

Other products will try to prevent the sweating process entirely by clogging your pores. We’re strongly opposed to this process, something we’ve discussed passionately in the past.

To avoid clogged pores and stay fresh, you might also consider the Underarm Deodorant Cream. Free of alcohol, aluminum, and parabens, Underarm Deodorant Cream will keep you fresh while allowing the body’s natural detoxification process to take place. Furthermore, it lasts up to 7 days (yes, even if you shower, play sports, go swimming) so you won’t have to do a “pit check” every time you make a small movement.