Swapping Out Your Skincare to Rid Your Body of Toxins

We know how hard you work to maintain your healthy lifestyle.  And one thing that’s easy to overlook is that part of treating your body right is what you put on it. Self-care is important, and you wouldn’t ingest harsh chemicals.  So why would you rub them on your skin? Especially when there are so many great alternatives to those chemical-packed products. 

You’re beautiful inside and out, and your skincare regimen should be, too.  That’s why we’re on board the all-natural train.  Because there are so many benefits to swapping certain skincare products for their all-natural alternatives.  Number one being: your overall health.

rid your body of toxins

Rid Your Body of Toxins

Most traditional deodorants’ number one ingredient is aluminum salt.  Which is used to fight B.O. by clogging your pores in an effort to stop sweat all together.  But, your body actually builds up an immunity to this chemical, making it less effective.

And, other than aluminum, big deodorant brands rely on alcohol, to mask the smell of B.O. at any cost.  Particularly the cost of your skin.

All-natural deodorants don’t invite aluminum or alcohol to the party.  Rather than trying to stop sweat, these alternatives just stop the smell.

Sweat is a beautiful thing. It’s your body’s natural way of ridding itself of toxins.  Not to mention, sweat’s crucial to a strong immune system, helps you regulate body temperature, and cleanses your skin of impurities. 

rid your body of toxins

Happy, Healthy Skin

The key to healthy skin is a healthy pH balance.  Something that aluminum, alcohol, and other harsh-chemicals in products mess with.  All-natural products play to your skin’s strengths, giving it a helpful boost, rather than completely altering it.

How do they do this? By utilizing ingredients like plant extracts and oils.  Jojoba oil and calendula extract are a few of our favorites.  They closely mirror your skin’s natural oils, so they can keep you smelling fresh, without damaging the skin’s surface.

A healthy pH balance also helps protect your skin from the environment and keeps it feeling soft, so the more we can support this, the better.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.  That’s why we don’t believe that aluminum, alcohol, or parabens belong in your skincare products (or in any of ours).  All-natural alternatives are more effective, and promote overall health in the long run.  So, show yourself some love and kick those harsh-chemicals to the curb.