How Can I Prevent Chafing While Running

It’s that time of year; the sun is coming out, and runners are filling up your local park. Maybe you’re one of them! Running is seriously the best, but in the heat, chafing can turn a great run into a miserable chore pretty quickly.

what causes chafing when running

What Causes Chafing When Running?

The simple answer: friction. Friction between your skin and clothing or even just skin rubbing on skin irritates the skin (thanks a lot, Mother Nature). This abrasion wears away the skin causing redness and discomfort.

While friction is the primary culprit, there are a few other factors that can aggravate your skin even more. Yay! For example, ill-fitting clothing is more likely to rub against your skin, and the wrong material will make your life miserable. Moisture such as sweat also worsens chafing. Sweat contains salt, which leaves behind a gritty residue as water evaporates. Finally, although it may seem counterintuitive knowing that moisture can cause chafing, dry skin is a major cause of chafing since it is much rougher than healthier skin. So, if dryness and moisture are both out to get us, what on Earth do we do?

preventing dry skin with food

All-Natural Ways to Prevent Chafing

Change up your wardrobe

Finally, some good news: an excuse to go shopping! The most important things to look for in running clothes are a snug fit and breathable, synthetic materials. Loose clothing is more likely to shake around or bunch up and rub against your skin. This one seems obvious, but don’t forget to cut off tags! 

Leave the hot showers behind

Listen, we get it. Who doesn’t love unwinding under the scalding jets? Unfortunately, you can have too much of a good thing. Excessively hot water can dry out or damage your skin. Try switching to lukewarm showers and see if it prevents chafing. 

Run when it’s cooler outside

We get that, with a busy schedule, the hours you can run are limited. If you can, try to run when the weather is a little more forgiving. Avoiding the full force of the sun is key. It’s never a bad idea to work in your run in the morning or the evening before or after the sun is out. 

Change up your diet a little

There are a lot of tasty foods that can help you maintain well-moisturized skin. You don't have to travel to find them either; most are available at your local grocery store.

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for an excuse to buy some avocados, and now you have one! Avocados are a great source of vitamin E and healthy fats, both of which promote healthy, moisturized skin. Other foods or ingredients you can sprinkle in here and there include tangerines, salmon, asparagus, or coconut oil. Lastly - and you probably saw this one coming - the most important thing you can do is drink enough water. Proper hydration is always the place to start when it comes to having healthy skin, so don't forget your water bottle. 

Choosing the Right Moisturizer to Prevent Dry Skin and Chafing

You might be saying, “I did all that, and I’m still chafing. What gives?” If this sounds like you, it might be time to call in reinforcements. You can never go wrong with a great moisturizer. The problem is, there’s about a million of them out there, and many of them contain chemicals and ingredients that you can do without. Call us biased, but we have one we love. Made from a simple mixture of florals, seeds, and proteins, Lavilin’s Jojoba Gel Cream provides a natural option for moisturizing your skin without any annoying or harmful side effects. Try applying a dab to sensitive areas before or after you run. 

It’s no secret that running in the heat can be a challenge when it comes to chafing, but don't give up! With a few easy changes and maybe the right moisturizer, you’ll be knocking down the miles in no time.