How Often Should You Apply Deodorant

As the weather warms up, you might find yourself considering popping some deodorant in your bag or desk at work. Totally fair, but it might be time to explore whether you need as much deo as you’re applying.

Odor aside, what’s the right amount you should be applying? The answer depends on your body type and the type of deodorant that you’re using. Instead of giving you a complex equation, we’re confident we can provide you with a few details so you can make your own choice.

How Much Do You Sweat?

You don’t literally have to tell us, of course. Exercise frequency, genetics, body weight, gender determine how much you sweat. Studies indicate that if you exercise more, you’re likely to sweat more. So if you’re a super fit athlete, you might need an extra application. Genetics play a factor too; the distribution of sweat glands (determined by your DNA) can impact how much you sweat. Larger people sweat more, and it doesn’t just have to do with fitness or body fat. A larger body (height or weight) requires more energy to move which pushes the body to sweat. Lastly, there’s gender. Plain and simple, gents sweat more than ladies.

What determines how much you sweat?

If you check any of these boxes, it might be worth an extra application.

What Type of Deodorant Are You Using?

A deodorant’s ingredients determine how long it lasts. If you buy something made from cheap chemicals like aluminum and parabens, it’s more likely dissipate quickly, leaving you smelling less than fresh. Of course, we’re not suggesting that any inexpensive deodorant is terrible. There are plenty of great brands out there making great products. In some instances, a deodorant is cheap because the producer has stuffed it full of cheap fillers. In the best case, these ingredients wear off quickly. In the worst case, they may harm your body leaving irritation.

The Deodorant for People Who Hate Putting on Deodorant

If you don’t like applying often, Lavilin has a simple solution for you: the 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant. Made from gentle ingredients like milk protein and flowers, this product only needs to be applied every three days. It’s an excellent option for athletes, the eco-conscious, and truly sweaty.

Chemical-free long lasting deodorant

Base your deodorant application off your level of sweat production and the brand you’re using. If you’re forgetful or you’ve grown tired of the twice-daily routine, it might be time to reach for something longer lasting.