Healthy Hacks to Halloween

We love Halloween as much as the next.  But with one of the holiday’s staples being sugary snacks, it’s safe to say it’s not up there as one of the most health-conscious (then, again which holiday really is).  But you shouldn’t have to avoid the treats all together, so here’s a couple tricks to help you healthy hack your Hallow’s Eve. 

We know you’re busy carving spooky pumpkins and pulling together last minute costume ideas, we’ll keep this short and sweet, so you don’t miss a minute of Halloween.

healthy hacks for halloween

Stock up with non-candy items

Since when did treats become completely synonymous with candy?  Last time we checked, there are plenty of non-candy, and even non-food items that qualify, too.  If you don’t want to be the house handing out granola bars, then spring for fun & festive toys instead. 

What about passing out fake vampire teeth, or mini glow sticks? With all that candy in their bags already, kids will gladly welcome some variety. 

Pick an all-natural face paint

Harsh chemicals are never fun for our skin.  Layering our faces in thick face paints, even if it is only really one day a year, is exceptionally tough on soft skin.  Luckily, there are plenty of natural, non-toxic, face paint brands popping up.  So, you can still look spooky, without spooking your skin. 

And, when it’s time to take that makeup off: opt in to a natural cleanser or remover.  What’s a few of our favorites?  Anything with calendula extract or jojoba oil.

healthy hacks to halloween

Set some ground rules

As we said before, you shouldn’t have to miss out on all the treats.  On Halloween, it’s all about moderation.  So, set some ground rules for yourself.  Maybe you wait all year for chocolate peanut butter pumpkins, or a sucker for caramel apples.  Then don’t deprive yourself of these sweet treats. 

Instead, just lay down some ground rules.  Allow yourself three pieces of candy a night, or a sweet treat after you finish your favorite superfood salad.  This way you don’t fall victim to sugary jitters, but still get to indulge in the sweet treats of Halloween.

We hope this helps you have a very happy (and healthy) Halloween. 🎃