How to Take Care of Your Feet in Fall

We’re in the midst of fall, and you know what that means.  That you’ve been sporting your favorite pair of boots all October long.  And while you’re enjoying all the coziness that is fall fashion, it’s important to remember not to neglect those feet.  When we’re all bundled up, it’s all too easy for our foot care philosophy to become “out of sight, out of mind.”  But your feet still need some serious love this season.  So, we’ve put together a few pointers on how to take care of your feet in fall.

take care of your feet in fall

Keeping Them Clean

Obviously, cleanliness is always key.  But when your feet are covered up in heavy socks and shoes all day, it’s extra important to give them a scrub.  Spend some extra time making sure your feet are clean in the shower. 

And, cleaning your feet doesn’t just mean washing them.  But also, ridding them of dry and dead skin that’s built up over the summer.  Do your feet a favor and take a pumice stone to them regularly, to help them shake this hard-to-shed dead skin.  

Plus, insider secret: you might want a little something to help you remove hard, dry skin, and support cell regeneration.  This Foot Repair Emulsion utilizes ingredients like Pine, Aloe, and Calendula extract to keep your feet feeling good.

take care of your feet in fall

Keeping Them Soft

Dryness is one unfortunate side effect of the colder months to come.  Meaning our feet need a helping hand in staying soft and smooth.  Moisturizing regularly is crucial.  Find a foot moisturizer you love, like this one, and make it part of your daily routine.  In the fall, the more you moisturize, the better.  Lather up those feet at least twice a day.  This helps you prevent any cracks and inflammation.

Our feet are the workhorses that carry our bodies.  And yet, we often forget to show them the TLC they deserve.  So, we’re taking the vow to keep our feet happy and healthy this fall, and every season.