Your Guide to Staying in This Weekend

2017 has been the year of self-care and staying in.  So much so, that the trend’s been termed “nesting.”  We’re all for this.  And, with the weather getting colder, getting cozy’s even more appealing. 

As an ode sweater weather, we put together this guide to your ultimate weekend in.  So, get in that bathrobe, grab your cup of tea, and snuggle up.

Your guide to staying in

Your Guide to Staying In

1. Stock up on the essentials

    The key to staying in, is making sure you have everything you need.  Think: your favorite candles, yummy snacks, and a good read.  This way you can set the mood for the relaxing weekend ahead of you.

    The one thing we’re sure to stock up on before staying in: our favorite skincare products.  Because self-care means skincare, too.  And staying in just feels better with a face mask on.

    2. Treat Your feet

    Staying in means you have all the time in the world to execute the perfect at-home spa treatments.  And one of the areas that need a lot of attention, especially during colder months, are our feet.  So, before you get all settled in for the night, show your feet some love. 

    Soak them and scrub them to get rid of any dirt and dead skin.  Then, apply a heavy moisturizer, to nourish your skin, and keep your feet feeling soft and smooth.  Need some suggestions? Try this Foot Moisturizing Gel, or Leg Softening Cream for all over care.

    Your guide to staying in

    3. Binge your favorite show

    Arguably the best part about staying in: catching up on all the shows you might have missed during your busy week.  For hours.  And we recommend keeping a variety of options in your queue.  Because you just never know what your mood is going to be once your big Friday in rolls around. 

    Something scary, something sappy, something you can sit back and binge for eight hours?  It’s good to have it all.

    One of the main reasons we feel so burnt out during the week, is because we don’t give our bodies the adequate downtime necessary to recharge during the weekend. 

    We know you have errands to run, and people to see, but it’s important to take time for yourself, too.  Besides, all of that can really wait until Monday anyways, right?

    So, make self-care a priority this week, and treat yourself to staying in.