Why You Might Be Sweating More in the Winter

We obviously don’t stop sweating when the seasons change.  But, some of us actually sweat more in the winter than we do in the summer.  And we don’t just mean while you’re working hard during your favorite winter workout.

But why is this?  If sweating is our bodies way of regulating body temperature, then it doesn’t make much sense to sweat more, if even at all, in the winter.  While keeping our body temperature in check is one of the many powers sweat has, it’s not its sole purpose by any means.

And so, as experts in the science of sweat, we’re shedding some light on why you might sweat more in the winter.

sweating more in the winter

Why do we sweat?

In order to understand why you might sweat more in the winter, it helps to know why you sweat in general.  There are a couple reasons we sweat.  One being, to regulate body temperature and another, to rid our bodies of toxins.

We also sweat more when our bodies are producing adrenaline-induced hormones.  When you hear the word “adrenaline,” sometimes you think fear, action, or danger.  But these hormones can actually be produced by something as simple as skipping a meal.

Sweating more in the winter

Sweating more in the winter is pretty common.  That’s because the holidays have a way of knocking us out of our regular routine.  This usually means changing our eating habits, missing a workout, and ultimately, taking on more stress. 

We don’t mean to sound like Scrooge. We love the holidays as much as the next.  But, all that hustle and bustle could be the reason you’re feeling a little sweatier this season. 

Sweating more in the winter

So, what do you do?

Relax and don’t sweat the small stuff (pun intended).  Let your body do its thing.  Sweating is our bodies response to our surroundings.  Rather than trying to mask it or thwart it with harsh chemicals, embrace it.  Actually, the more we sweat, the better our body regulates it.

And, make sure to make time for you, too, this holiday season.