Sweat in Every Season: Ways to Workout this Winter

When the weather is warmer, it’s easy for us to get outside, and make time to move our body.  But, during the winter, staying warm and cozy pretty easily trumps a cold car ride to the gym.

We’re always looking for new ways to sweat.  And, regular exercise actually regulates how much you sweat in general.   So, by sticking to a workout routine, you’re helping your body (and sweat) stay in sync.  Just another added bonus, aside from the obvious: relieving stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

In order to stay motivated in every season, we chose a few of our favorite ways to stay in shape this winter.  Because you won’t stay cold for long when you’re doing these workouts.

winter workouts

Hot Yoga

One way to forget how chilly it is outside: yoga flowing in a room with the heat turned up to 100.  Hot yoga is a great way to escape the cold, and an even better way to get sweaty.  Typically, the room temperature is anywhere between 92-105 degrees, inducing a deep down sweat.  This type of practice helps detox your body, while providing an awesome workout.

HIIT Workout Classes

This particular style of exercising, otherwise known as high intensity interval training, include some of the sweatiest workouts out there. Tons of classes that fall under this character, like spinning, barre, and CrossFit.  Plus, finding an exercise class you like always motivates you more.  Because the only thing better than sweating in every season, is sweating with friends.

winter workouts

Skiing, Skating, or Snowshoeing

And lastly, the best way to work out during the winter is to take advantage of season specific activities, too, like skiing, skating, or snowshoeing.

Even though you might not sweat as much as you do in your spin class, don’t be fooled.  Winter recreation is definitely underrated, because these sports require tons of strength and endurance (and burn a ton of calories, too).

Some of the sweatiest workouts are the most fun to do in the winter.  Because how else are you supposed to warm up.