5 Easy Ways To Go Green This St. Patrick's Day

We all remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day (nobody likes to get pinched), but this year, why not go green too?  It’s getting arguably more and more important to do what we can for the environment, but luckily it’s also getting much easier. 

There are so many little things you can do to make a big difference.  So, in the spirit of St. Patty’s, we’ve put together a list of five small steps you can take in your everyday life to go a little greener and help out Mother Earth.

1. Be Conscious of Your Thermostat

You can make a huge difference simply by setting your thermostat a couple degrees colder in the winter and warmer in the summer.  The electricity used to heat and cool your house contributes to the greenhouse gases in our environment, which contributes to climate change. 

So, by making this small change in thermostat temperature, you reduce your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.  And, as if that isn’t great enough, you also reduce your energy bill.       

2. Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

These light bulbs use 70% less energy than regular Incandescent light bulbs.  You can find them in literally any store right next to the traditional light bulbs, and while they cost about $1 more, they typically last for up to 8,000 hours, whereas standard incandescent bulbs only last 1,200 hours.  So, again you’re saving money (seems pretty on theme with “green”) and doing your part to save the planet.  

3. Swap Out Your Soap and Skincare Supplies

Unfortunately, most household hand soaps, body washes, and deodorants have ingredients like triclosan.  And yep, you guessed it, not only are these chemicals harmful for our skin, but they’re harmful for the environment. 

And, studies show that these chemicals don’t even help kill germs better than alternatives made without them.  Try swapping them out for an all-natural alternative.  In the spirit of the holiday, stock up on some natural alternatives, and use the code GREEN for X% off your entire order.

4. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

At this point it’s safe to say the not-so-secret trick to going green is saving energy, and washing your clothes in cold water saves a lot of energy.  Not to mention, it saves your clothes, too.  Heating the water uses about 90% of the energy it takes to operate your washer.  So, cut out this step, cut out a lot of energy used.  Plus, you no longer run the risk of shrinking your clothes or fading the colors.  It’s a win, win.

5. Bring Your Own Bag, Bottle, Etc.

Get a reusable bag you love, invest in a nice water bottle, treat yourself to a new to-go coffee mug.  By bringing your own everything, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of waste you’re producing.  And, it’s more fun to have your own little personalized items anyways.

Challenge yourself to make at least one change in the spirt of going green this St. Patrick’s Day.  It doesn’t take much to help out the environment, not to mention, a lot of these tips can help out your wallet, too.