What’s in an Ingredient? A Breakdown of Common Natural Ingredients

Ever picked up your favorite product and wondered what the heck those ingredients are? What’s their purpose, function, and history? Because natural ingredients and non-toxic elements are such an important part of our products, we want to demystify some of the most common ingredients found in our products so you, as the consumer, are informed and educated on what to look for when seeking natural skin care products.Read more

So, You’ve Stopped Working Out…

Just when you thought this year would be different. Your schedule left you with little time to hit the gym this week, knocking you off your exercise routine. Does this lapse mean you’ve failed at achieving your health goals? Of course not. With goals come challenges that may throw you off track. Recognizing the reasons you’ve put your active lifestyle on hold is the first step to redeeming yourself. Besides lost of time, here are five more possible reasons and ways to improve...Read more