February Foot Care: Taking Care of Your Feet During the Winter

While it may seem more relevant during warmer seasons, taking care of your feet during the winter is equally important.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize how dry and cracked our feet have gotten until we’re breaking out our summer sandals.  So this winter, rather than taking the “out of sight, out of mind” approach, we’ve got a few tips to help you spread some much deserved love to your feet, all year long.

Exfoliation and Cleanliness are Key

The cleanliness of our feet is important.  They are the work horses that carry our body, after all.  That’s why we have to be sure to not only scrub our feet free of dirt, but also of dead and dry skin.  Take some extra time in the shower to fully exfoliate.  The dead and dry skin can build up easily on your feet, and becomes a lot harder to tackle if you’re not taking care of them regularly.

taking care of your feet during the winter

Moisturize with Foot Cream

Colder weather tends to dry out our skin more than warmer seasons.  And while your feet are covered up, the weather still affects them.  So just as you moisturize your face and body, you need to moisturize your feet regularly, too. 

Our feet require a heavier moisturizer than our face and body, so finding a foot cream that works for you is important (we recommend giving this Foot Moisturizing Gel a try).  It also helps to pick a time that works best for you to apply your foot cream…maybe it’s right before bed or when you wake up in the morning.  You don’t have to apply foot cream daily, but by doing so three-four times a week, you’ll instantly notice softer, healthier feet.    

Give Yourself a Mini Pedicure

This doesn’t have to be something over the top and extravagant (even though we’re all about some self-pampering), but make the time to give yourself a mini pedicure once a month.  It’s a good chance to check in with your feet.  Just clean them, rid them of dead skin, and apply a soothing foot lotion.  Just like that, you mini pedi’s finished.

taking care of your feet during the winter

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

This part’s fun: new shoes!  Having sturdy footwear is an important part to having healthy and happy feet.  We’re not saying you need a new pair of boots every winter, but just be aware of when your shoes are a little too broken in.  

And, make sure your shoes and socks are clean, dry, and comfortable.  If your shoes and socks are constantly rubbing or squeezing your feet all day, then not only is that pretty unenjoyable for you, but it’s really not great for your skin either. 

Make it a Habit

Cleaning and moisturizing your feet really doesn’t take long at all.  And by doing so regularly, not only will your soft and happy feet thank you, but they’ll look so good once the sun, and your favorite sandals, finally come out.