Different Types of Deodorants: Cream vs. Stick

When it comes to deodorant, one type has been reigning supreme for a little too long in our opinion.  The stick.  It’s safe to say that most people use some sort of stick deodorant.  But why?  Maybe they’re intimidated to try a new type that they might not know how to use.  Or, they don’t know that different types even exist. 

Which is why, as your friend with the inside scoop on everything deodorant, we’re here to shed some light on the situation.  By helping you figure out what kind of deodorants are out there, how to use one, and how to choose one.

different types of deodorant

Different Types of Deodorant

A deodorant stick isn’t the only way to stop your pits from stinking.  There are also sprays, powders, wipes, and our personal favorite, creams. 

You might’ve been shying away from these different types because you don’t know exactly how to use them.  And, while sprays, powders, and wipes are a little more straightforward, using cream deodorant is actually easier than you think, too.

Using a Cream Deodorant

Deodorant cream is a frosting-like paste, effective in fighting off underarm funk.  You can use a little spatula or scoop, or just your fingers, to apply a small amount to those pits.  Massage the cream into your underarms entirely, and you’re ready to go. 

Cream vs. Stick

While cream and stick deodorant fundamentally may not seem very different, the type of protection they provide is generally where the two vary.

different types of deodorant

Cream deodorants tend to be just that: a deodorant.  Where stick deodorants typically fall under the category of antiperspirant instead.  Antiperspirants use chemicals like aluminum salts to clog your pores and stop you from sweating all together.  However, sweat itself actually doesn’t stink.  And, sweating’s one of our body’s ways of ridding itself of toxins.  So, no sweat’s not good. 

Cream deodorant’s work to fight any bad B.O. caused by sweat and bacteria on our skin interacting.  And, most cream deodorants tend to stay on the natural side of things, giving your skin a break from harsh chemicals and alcohols that can really take their toll. 

Another added bonus of cream deodorants: they tend to last longer.  You only use a small amount when applying, and unlike deodorant sticks, you don’t need to reapply.  Most cream deodorants last all day, and our Underarm Deodorant Cream actually lasts up to 7 with just one application.

So, don’t stick to what you know (pun intended).  It’s a new year, how about a new deodorant.