The Benefits of Sweating During a Workout

Why is it that we workout?  To maintain a healthy body weight, promote a well-rounded wellness lifestyle, and of course, to sweat.  It’s too often that we come across people who want to sweat less.  Sweat is a beautiful thing.  And, want to know a fun fact?  The most fit people actually sweat more.

People who exercise regularly tend to start sweating sooner into a work out, and sweat more during.  Why?  Because their bodies are better acclimated to the process of cooling themselves down by sweating.  So, they sweat sooner, and sometimes more, to maintain their bodies’ core temperatures. 

Sweating doesn’t just work as an awesome form of A/C for our bodies either.  Here’s just a few of the many benefits your reaping when you sweat it out during your workout. 

benefits of sweating during a workout

Clears Skin

Sometimes, we get confused and blame a sweaty workout for skin imperfections.  While it’s super important to rinse your face and not let sweat sit on your skin after a workout, the act of sweating itself actually helps you zap zits.  This is because it’s ridding your body of toxins, some of which are acne causing.  So, when we sweat them out and wash them off, we can say goodbye to breakouts.

And, not to mention, getting your blood flowing during a workout improves your skin’s natural glow.

Boosts Endorphins

Prolonged periods of sweating in the gym produces an increase in your endorphins.  Otherwise known as, the “Feel Good” hormone.  Endorphins relieve pain and boost our mood.  So, while you may be feeling a little sore after an intense workout, you’ll notice that some regular aches and pains subside. 

And, endorphins increase our feeling of general well-being, hence boosting our mood.  Endorphins are one of our hormones that help make us happy, so what we’re getting at here, is that sweat and happiness just go hand in hand.

benefits of sweating during a workout

Prevents Colds

Exercising and sweating regularly decreases your chance of catching that nasty cold that seems to get around every September.  That’s because sweat contains antimicrobial peptides effective in fighting off different viruses.  So, by sweating it out, your keeping that cold away.  Not to mention, regular exercise helps support a strong immune system.

So, next time you hit the gym, hopefully all the benefits of sweating during a workout will drive you to have your sweatiest session yet.