Six Tips For Eco-Conscious Trips

Only Footprints: Bringing you what you need to know about going green and making less of a harmful impact on the environment.  

By: Jennifer Hernandez

You know the feeling. It might be an itch to experience something new. It could be a craving to get on a plane and eat airline food. Maybe you’re bored of seeing the same setting every day.

Whether it’s near or far, you’ve got to get out and see new sights as soon as you can. While traveling is liberating, don’t forget that your carbon footprint follows you everywhere. Stay eco-conscious throughout your travels with these tips.

Walk, take public transportation or ride a bike everywhere. Forget about the fact that taxis and private cars save time, you’re on vacation! Take time to get lost and find your way back, and experience the location to the fullest. Not only will you reduce fuel exhaust, but you’ll also get a full understanding of where you are. What’s the point of going to a new place, if you’re going to see if from the inside of a cab? 

Absorb culture by eating locally. Get to know the people in your travel destination by visiting fresh markets and purchasing foods from street vendors. Trying mouth-watering fruits, vegetables and grains from local growers can expose your palate to new flavors. It’s nice to dine at fancy restaurants, but it’s more economic to eat at the market, and walking around tasting different foods can spare you the pounds usually gained on vacation.


Getting pampered is great, but if you plan to spend most of your time outside the hotel, stay at an economic, environmentally friendly one. USA Today shows different hotels that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. To save energy, it’s recommended to let the front desk know not to change the sheets and towels every day. You don’t do it at your house, so why be wasteful?

You don’t want to worry about a blow dry while vacationing, but you don’t want to show up in photos with a Troll Dolls’ do. Keep up with your hygiene with biodegradable, cruelty-free Acure Organics Dry Shampoo. It is vegan, sulfate free and uses no synthetic fragrances. The high-quality powder is perfect for the traveler on the go. 


Water bottles cause pollution no matter where you go. Stay hydrated by refilling your beverage container every morning. If you’re traveling light, a foldable water bottle, like the Vapur Element, wont be a disturbance once it’s empty. If you don’t trust the water where you’re staying, Bobble water bottles have a filter for clean water with every sip. One filtering cap offers the same purity as 300 water bottles.

If you’re a techy on the go and you find yourself with no outlets, try solar-powered chargers. Compact solar chargers, like the Solio CLASSIC2, charge many USB-powered electronics. With only a day of direct sunlight, this gadget saves enough energy for up to three charges on your electronic device. Use this when you’re en route to a destination or exploring the outdoors. 


Whether you’re on a bus from France to Germany or on an RV in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, you’ll need the basics: toilet paper. Dispose of Coghlan’s Backpacking Toilet Paper with the peace of mind that it wont harm the environment. Toilet paper isn’t just for when nature calls. It can serve as bandage, as a napkin and as a cover for questionable toilets. 


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