Get to Know Lavilin: Shelley Gershoni

Many of you know the Lavilin products including the ingredients and where we sell the products. However, you might not know the faces behind the brand. We’re taking some time every now and then to highlight the faces behind the Lavilin name so you can understand our Lavilin story on a deeper level and gain insight into why our products are the way they are. 

This month, we're excited to profile Shelley Gershoni, director of sales and marketing. We conducted a Q&A style interview with her to learn about how she got involved with Lavilin and what the brand means to her today.


What is your professional background?

After getting my undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania, I moved to the Big Apple hoping to take the advertising world by storm. I spent three years working in a cool,up-and-coming advertising agency before deciding to return to my passion - acting. I was accepted to Columbia University’s MFA program where I spent three years studying all aspects of theatre and performance technique. I acted in film, theatre and television before starting my family and having my three children.Lavilin, however, is a company that I grew up with. My father has been importing Lavilin products for three decades and I have spent countless hours in the offices and warehouses Lavilin occupies.  After having my children, the importance of healthy living took on a greater meaning in my life. I felt my time could be well spent at a company that promotes a clean lifestyle and Lavilin was the obvious choice.

What inspired you to get involved in Lavilin and support the production of aluminum-free products? 

My involvement started because of my passion for living a clean lifestyle. Lavilin was developed to produce the best, most effective deodorant on the market and it just so happens to be aluminum-free!  Many people think the aluminum-free craze is a new fad but Lavilin has been producing long-lasting, effective deodorant since the late 1960’s.  Aluminum has long been suspect for people who are interested in clean living and healthy lifestyles.  Lavilin appeals to people because it is incredibly effective yet does not contain harmful ingredients.

Why is aluminum-free so important in products today? 

Until experts have conclusive evidence that aluminum does not harm the body, as a society, we have to be vigilant about what we put in and on ourselves.  There are studies linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer, and such things can never be taken lightly.  With a clean, healthy, effective product - like Lavilin - consumers get all the benefits and none of the risks. 

What are your day-to-day roles and responsibilities for Lavilin? 

As Director of Sales and Marketing my job includes:

  • Coming up with advertising strategies and assisting in the creation of ads

  • Acting as liaison with our PR company and devising effective media strategies

  • Securing ad space and negotiating ad buys

  • Assisting clients with orders and familiarizing them with our product offerings

  • Keeping up to date with our brokers and demo reps so we know that people are hearing about Lavilin

What the best part of your job? 

 I love to hear the amazement in people’s voices when they tell me that they have finally found an aluminum-free deodorant that ACTUALLY works!  People are blown away by this product and that makes my job very easy!

What do you see as the most popular trends happening in the natural products industry? In the beauty industry? How is Lavilin keeping up with those trends?

Lavilin products have always been ahead of the curve. We were producing aluminum-free products before people were even talking about aluminum.  We use premium ingredients to create top of the line cosmeceuticals.  Our newest addition, which is catching on faster than we could have imagined, is our Jojoba Gel Cream which has a higher concentration of actual jojoba oil than comparable products on the market.  

What do you find is most important to your consumers? 

Many of our consumers have tried other aluminum-free deodorants before finding Lavilin.  It is often hard for them to believe they will ever find a clean, effective deodorant that does not have aluminum. What is most important to them is that Laviln WORKS and that it is not harmful to their body.  

What is one take-away you want your consumers to know about the Lavilin products? 

Lavilin is a personable company.  We believe in our products and stand behind them 100 percent.  

What would you say/recommend to a consumer who wants to try a Lavilin product for the first time? 

Enjoy!  It may change your life.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not working? 

When I am not working at Lavilin, I spend my time with my husband and three young children. Having a clean lifestyle helps me feel confident that I can continue to spend as much time as possible with my family for years to come!