Your Skin Changes with the Seasons: Here's How to Adapt for Spring

Believe it or not, your skin requires special attention as the seasons get warmer. You’ve probably read a hundred articles about how colder and drier months require more moisture, but the warmer months also call for a routine change. Don’t worry,  we’re not suggesting anything you can’t handle. 

A few minor regiment tweaks and maybe some lighter clothes will keep you breezing through summer.

adjust your skincare routine for summer

How Warm Weather Affects the Skin

You know that greasiness you feel in the warmer months? It’s all thanks to sebum: an oily substance your skin produces. Sebum isn’t all bad. It’s actually meant to lubricate the skin and keep out water. An overproduction, however, can lead to greasy skin. As the weather starts to change, some of us experience an increase in sebum, which may be your body’s attempt to keep out humidity. So if you’re noticing a little extra glisten, it’s not just you.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine to Spring

There are several ways you can tweak your routine to match warmer weather. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites (maybe because they’re so easy). As always, we encourage you to put your own spin on them.

Add an All-Natural Cleanser

A cleanser will remove excess grease. There are plenty of great products out there, but you can also create your own by mixing honey and lemon or even rubbing aloe vera on your skin.

add a cleanser to remove excess oil

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliating in the winter is important because you’re shedding dry skin, but it’s equally important to exfoliate in warmer months, too. The added moisture you produce in the heat will clog pores, which can lead to breakouts. A homemade body scrub will be your best friend. You can easily whip one up by adding olive oil and sugar.

SPF Is Everything

Protect that lovely skin with SPF. This feels obvious for beach or pool days, but don’t forget that even a short walk to work or lunch outside exposes your skin harmful rays.

adjust your skincare routine to include spf

Tweak That Wardrobe

It’s just too easy to get overheated in spring and summer, right? Trapping sweat against those pores will clog them so try layering or wearing lighter fabrics. Did someone say linen? The more your skin can breathe, the better it will look as the season goes on. Plus, who doesn’t look cool with a sweater draped around their neck?

Listen to Your Body

As the weather changes and you start to implement your new routine, create a simple feedback loop to see how your body is reacting. We usually take a quick look at our skin before bed or after a shower. Everyone’s skin is different, and your skin may even respond differently year after year. If you start to notice something isn’t working, try tweaking one thing at a time so you can track what impacts you’re having. Seasonal changes can be stressful, but usually, they’re a good thing, so let’s all rejoice that spring is almost here!