What are Deo Wipes?

There’s a chance you haven’t heard of deodorant wipes before, which makes sense; not many brands make them. But once you’ve tried them for yourself, you won’t want to leave the house without them. We wanted to break down some of the awesome advantages of Deo Wipes for you, so you can be in the know!

Are Deo Wipes a Replacement for Deodorant? 

In a word: no. At least, not exactly. While Deo Wipes won’t completely replace deodorant, they’re are a handy portable option that fits pretty much anywhere: your pocket, purse, backpack, etc. These convenient carriables accomplish many a lot of the same goals. However, while they’re great in a pinch or for a quick freshening up, you shouldn’t expect them to totally take the place of your deodorant. They don’t last as long as regular stick or spray deodorant, and they are only single use, so they aren’t as sustainable. They’re more of a quick fix for when you’re sweating more than expected or forgot to apply deodorant, making them your best friend when you’re out and about!

deodorant wipes are an easy on the go solution to sweat

Why Should I Use Deodorant Wipes? 

Deo Wipes are a must-have while you’re on the move, especially in warm temperatures. For example, imagine you just finished a great workout but it took awhile longer than you expected. Now you have to rush to your next obligation without a shower, but you don’t want to show up sweaty and gross, and you certainly don’t want to risk acne and skin problems if you let that sweat clog up your pores!

deodorant wipes help after the gym

So, as the warm temperatures keep us sweating into fall, be sure to keep some Deo Wipes on hand for when you need a little freshening up!