Dry Brushing: What It Is and Why You Should Get on Board

You may have heard of dry brushing in the past, but are a little unsure of what it is exactly.  Dry brushing is an important tool in helping your body detox.  It helps exfoliate your skin by brushing away that surface layer of dry and dead skin cells, while also stimulating lymph nodes, improving cellulite appearance, boosting circulation, and so much more.

While dry brushing provides these great benefits, most people are still hazy on what it is specifically, how to do it, and why.  So, we’re here to clear the air and tell you everything you need to know about dry brushing.  And, why you definitely want to add it to your daily routine.

Dry Brushing

What it is

Basically, dry brushing is just brushing your skin with the soft, but stiff, bristles of a non-synthetic brush.  Sometimes we forget that our skin is our largest organ.  And, it is an organ of elimination, so about one-third of our bodies’ toxins are exerted through our skin.  Dry brushing helps make this process easier by ridding skin of dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

Dry brushing doesn’t just help your body detox from the skin’s surface, but it also stimulates your lymphatic system, which is what’s pushing all those toxins out from the inside.  And, as if helping make it easier on your body to get rid of those nasty toxins wasn’t enough, dry brushing also is proven to help minimize the appearance of any cellulite on the body.

How to do it

Okay, so you know what dry brushing is, but now you need to know how exactly you’re supposed to do it.  Easy.  Just buy yourself an all-natural bristle brush.  We prefer one with a longer handle so that it’s easier to reach each part of your body.  Then, every day before you shower, brush yourself.  It’s important that you start at your feet and always brush towards your heart.  And, make sure you use long, sweeping strokes.  After you brush and shower, then moisturize.  It’s important to note that, while dry brushing may leave your skin a little pink at first, you should never brush so hard that your skin is red or scratched.

So, by doing just a little bit more before your shower each day, you can be doing your skin a big favor.

How to Protect Your Skin this Fourth of July

The Fourth is right around the corner, which means a day of family, fun, and obviously, fireworks.  Remember though, while you’re out basking in the sun, celebrating America’s birthday, to make sure your skin isn’t suffering.

We spend our Fourth bouncing between family get-togethers and barbecues, out hiking and hanging at the beach.  And, however you choose to spend yours, chances are your skin’s going to need a little TLC.

So, we put together a couple guidelines to help you and your skin both enjoy the Fourth of July equally.

protect your skin

Know your SPF

Don’t let high SPFs fool you.  The highest number isn’t necessarily the best for your skin.  Most dermatologists actually recommend between a SPF 15-30.  After that, the numbers just get silly, and aren’t even providing more protection than these lower SPFs.  If you’re worried your skin is burning, then instead of lathering on an SPF 50, just reapply your SPF 30 frequently.

And, if you feel like your skin has had a little too much time in the sun, don’t worry, your day doesn’t have to end.  Just pack yourself a stylish cover-up or lightweight t-shirt and throw it on.  Pair this with a sun hat, and not only are you cool and covered, but also sunburn-free and ready to continue your Fourth of July festivities.

Pack That Lip Balm

Okay, so we remember our sunscreen to protect our bodies from the sun.  But, what about our mouths?  Our lips are some of the more sensitive skin on our face, however we often forget that they need protection, too.  Make sure you pack a lip balm, and just like sunscreen, reapply throughout the day.  Because burgers and brats just don’t taste as great when your lips are sunburnt.

Psssst, want to know what else needs protection from the sun?  Your eyes.  So, when you pack that lip balm, remember to toss in a pair of sunglasses, too.

protect your skin

Hydrate yourself

And, hydrate your skin!  When you’re spending all day out in the summer sun, it’s important to hydrate, inside and out.  Make sure you’re drinking lots of the water.  And, at the end of the day, make sure you give back some moisture to your skin (because, hey our skin gets thirsty, too).

May we recommend some leg softening cream to keep that skin feeling good?  With ingredients like deionized water and Jojoba oil, our leg softening cream refreshes and nourishes the skin, without the use of any harsh chemicals.

So now, our skin can be just as psyched as we are to spend all day outside, under the summer sun.  We hope you and your skin have a very happy and healthy Fourth of July.

Summer Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Sun

It’s finally summertime and we know how eager you are to spend more time outside, soaking in some much-needed Vitamin D.  While the sunshine is so good for our mind, body, and soul, it can be a little harsh on our skin when we’re not properly prepared.  So, we put together a list of tips to ensure that your skin has just as much fun in the sun as you do this summer.

summer skincare

Exfoliate Less

Exfoliating too much is never a good thing, but it’s especially important to cut back during the summer.  We exfoliate in order to rid our skin of the dry and dead skin cells that collect on the surface, which is super necessary, but also can leave our skin feeling sensitive.  Without the little bit of protection provided by that dry layer, the fresh layer of skin is more susceptible to sunburn and inflammation.

So, the most you should exfoliate is once a week during the summer.  And, if you’re spending most of your time outside, you can even scale back to once every other week.     

Sunscreen: Your Skin’s Best Friend

We know we don’t have to tell you to wear sunscreen.  You already know how important it is to protect your skin from the strong summer sun.  But, we do have a little reminder: if you apply your sunscreen before you’re actually in the sun, it will be more effective.  And, be sure you continue to reapply every two to three hours.  There’s really no such thing as too much sunscreen.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts to protect our skin, we all usually still get burnt, at least once, each summer.  When this does happen, it’s important we help our skin recover and repair.  Luckily, Jojoba Oil is an amazing natural remedy for treating sunburns.  And, our Jojoba Gel Cream will help soothe your skin on those days it does get a little too much sun.

summer skincare

Don’t Forget Some Lip Coverage

While sunscreen is simple to remember, lip balm is easier to overlook.  Our lips are even more sensitive to the sun than the rest of our face.  We recommend finding a lip balm you like that’s at least SPF 10.  And, like your sunscreen, make sure you reapply throughout the day.

Hydration is Key

Keep yourself and your skin hydrated.  Drinking enough water each day is so important, even when you’re not spending all that extra time in the sun.  In the heat, your body dries out at an even quicker rate.  So, be aware of this and hydrate accordingly.

And, fun fact: drinking water isn’t the only way to make sure you stay hydrated.  You can also enjoy a refreshing fruit plate.  Watermelon and cucumbers are two of the fruits with the highest water content, so by enjoying these fun summer snacks, you’re also replenishing your skin.

We hope these easy little summer tricks will help keep your skin just as happy and healthy in the sun as you are.