Outdoor Workouts to Try this Summer

We all love to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  And, what better way to do so than exercising outside?  It’s so great to be good to our bodies, and enjoy the outdoors all at once.  While a sunset jog and outdoor yoga are both awesome, here’s a few fresh ideas that we have on our list of outdoor exercises for the summer.

Outdoor workouts

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Honestly, this isn’t as tricky as it sounds.  And, trust us, it doesn’t require nearly as much planning as you think either.  You can make up as little as three rules, and those rules can be super simple.  Like any scavenger hunt, you find something, and then do something.  See, easy.  So, one of your rules can be find a bench, and each time you find a bench, do 12 chair dips.

Grab your friends and get everyone in on the fitness scavenger hunt.  Because the only thing better than enjoying some endorphins under the summer sun, is doing so with your friends, too.

Paddle Board

Just add water to enjoy this relaxing, yet still rigorous workout.  Stand up paddle boarding is great for your core, your balance, and honestly a great way to get some serenity out on the water.  You can paddle board in a pond, lake, or the ocean (but, psst, little pro tip, it is definitely much harder in the ocean with the different currents and waves).  Paddle boarding’s at the top of our list because we love when a good workout also becomes a great hobby.  It’s so much less fun when exercising just feels like another job.

And, another plus side, they now make paddle boards that fold down to the size of a lounge chair.  So, compact car?  No problem.

Outdoor workouts

Run a Race

Signing up and training for some sort of race during the summer is really fun.  The term “race” being used pretty loosely here, because it really doesn’t matter how fast you run, or even walk.  It’s honestly just really rewarding to finish something you’ve signed up for.  Not to mention, the money from most races goes towards a good cause.  So, find an organization you care about and see if they put on some sort of 5k walk or half marathon.


The most rewarding way to get outside and work out is to get outside and volunteer!  There are so many volunteering opportunities that get your body moving.  Walk dogs at the local animal shelter, plant a community garden, organize a neighborhood clean-up day.  This is probably our favorite, fresh way to sweat it out under the summer sun.  Not only are you being good to your body, but your being good to your community, too.

So, whether it’s renting a paddle board, or seeking out some shelters in your community, try to take your workout with you this summer.  Because you don’t need to confine yourself to the gym when you’ve got the whole world and some sunshine all in your corner.