How to Care for Your Feet in the Fall

As cuffing season approaches, you may also find yourself cozying up on a couch watching a Halloween movie. The last thing you want is to have feet scarier than your film. So how do make sure they’re snuggle-worthy? Here are quick, down-and-dirty steps to keep your feet up to snuff.

Why Foot Care Matters

Your feet put up with a whole lot. You sweat. You strut around town. Maybe you even wear shoes that kinda hurt but look amazing. All of this extra wear and tear makes those puppies especially vulnerable to injury or even sickness. Preventative measures are necessary, but they don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Some simple foot affection goes a long way in preventing embarrassing issues. Not to mention, by giving your feet some extra TLC, you’re more likely to catch something early. In short, a little lovin’ on your feet will go a long way.

Three Easy Tips for Foot Care

1. Massage

Your feet contain nearly a whole lot of bones and play an important role in blood circulation.  Try giving your feet a nice, firm rub! This can improve blood circulation and relieve some of the tension that collects down there. Besides circulation and muscle relief, some folks experience relaxation, headache relief, and reduced swelling from massaging. Spending a few minutes squeezing those puppies pays off!

2. Exfoliate

From all the walking and sock friction—yes, sock friction—your feet build up layers of dead skin. Exfoliation removes this excess skin, allowing your feet to feel less itchy, more flexible, and smoother. On top of making your feet look and feel fabulous, exfoliating your feet can also stop infections! So be sure to clear your dead skin using a pumice stone, a scrub, or over the counter products. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get it done!

3. Moisturize

Feet are prone to drying out—which can leave you with dry, flaky, or cracked skin. Ugh. If you let dryness go too far, the discomfort will send you hobbling to the nearest a podiatrist. You can avoid this by merely dabbing on some moisturizer. The best times to moisturize are immediately after the shower and right before bed. Using moisturizer a few times a week will make a huge difference if you’re suffering from dry feet.

Take Your Foot Care to the Next Level

The tips we mentioned are excellent preventive measures and should be part of your foot care routine. If we’ve got you all jazzed up about foot care and you’re looking for a more proactive step, consider using an emulsion product. These products act in both exfoliating and moisturizing capacities, removing dead and skin and repairing cells. Phew! After clearing dead skin, like traditional exfoliants, these products seep into the pores and repair tarnished skin from within. As always, we recommend staying away from products full of harsh chemicals. Lavilin’s Foot Repair Emulsion is a naturally-based solution made from plant extracts and proteins and formulated to remove hard skin, support cell regeneration, and repair cracks and fissures. Emulsions are the perfect way to elevate your foot care.

Your feet do a lot for you! Remember to treat them to the occasional massage, exfoliation, moisturizer, or all of ‘em!