Fun Ways to Spend this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is all about showing every Dad out there just how much he’s appreciated.  It’s a time to get the whole family together and say, “Thank you, Dad.”  And, because we are so grateful for all the strong and caring Fathers that help make the world a better place, we put together a list of fun things to do this Father’s Day.

So, here are a few of our favorites to do with the whole family and let Dad really feel that Father’s Day Appreciation.

Father's Day

Have a Barbecue

Yes, probably the most traditional Father’s Day trick in the book: a barbecue.  It’s a great way for everyone to have fun.  A barbecue’s like a party, just for Dad.  The whole family can enjoy the June sun while gathering around the grill.  And, it’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone together to share their favorite Dad stories and memories.

Go Camping

Why not take advantage of these beautiful summer days, and dedicate the whole weekend to Dad.  Camping is an excellent way for everyone to get out of the house and be together.  It’s an opportunity to take advantage of the much-awaited nice weather.  And, it’s a chance for everyone to disconnect and appreciate each other’s company, while also enjoying the outdoors.  Your camping trip can entirely cater to Dad’s hobbies, too.  Maybe you find a spot with great fishing, mountain biking, hiking, or all three.

Father's Day

Head to the Driving Range

Golf and Father’s Day just go together.  And while playing a full 18 holes may prove a little challenging with the whole family in tow, finding a driving range is a great compromise.  It’s Dad’s day, so he still gets to golf, and it gives the rest of the family a chance to watch and learn.

Teaching the family the fundamentals of a good golf swing makes for an awesome memory.  And, watching Dad is half the fun.  Talk about a well-deserved Father’s Day ego boost.

Chances are, Dad won’t care what you guys do for Father’s Day.  All that will matter is that everyone is together.  Happy Father’s Day.