Five Essential Tools for Maximizing Your Time at The Gym

Have you ever made the drive to the gym, walked past the check-in guy who use to greet you by name when you came more frequently but now looks at you with that quizzical, “I know that I know you, but have no idea from where” look, made the long trek to the locker room and opened up your bag only to realize you forgot some of the most pivotal tools needed to enjoy your gym experience?

In 2016, people are busier than ever. With work, kids and trying to find time for long-gone facets of years-past like “social events” and “hobbies”, getting to the gym can be incredibly difficult. It can be especially difficult when we find we don’t have the necessary tools upon our gym arrival.

Think of the gym as a job.

 Like any job, it can be a total nightmare, or it can be completely fulfilling and even fun. This all depends on your mindset and your tools to complete the work.

 Just like a construction worker should never show up to a job-site without his toolbox, you should never show up to the gym without the tools you’ll need to enjoy and maximize your gym experience.

 Here’s a list of the five most important tools to put your best foot forward at the gym.

Water: Nobody enjoys standing in line, especially when that line is being held up by extremely sweaty people at the gym drinking fountain. Bring your own water bottle to have on you at all times. Less time taking water breaks at the water fountain = more time working.

Headphones: Listening to music, or having some other form of stimulus while you work out, can be one of the most enjoyable parts of exercising. Studies have shown that listening to music during your work out can provide a welcome distraction, up your effort, put you in the zone, and provide you with a beat that can function as a way to set your pace during cardio. Bring the tunes to help you bring your best effort.

Workout Clothing: Have you ever run six miles in jeans? Hiked a mountain on the stair-stepper in high heels? Would you ever want to? Probably not. Necessary clothing like shorts, tennis shoes, sports bras, or other flexible and breathable clothing designed for exercise are a must when your packing your gym bag.

A Plan: One of the most important tools to enjoying your time at the gym, and getting the most out of it, is to enter through those doors with a plan. What muscle groups do you want to exercise today? What workouts will help you to work those groups? How much time and how many reps should be spent on each workout?

Deodorant: Let’s cut to the chase. Sweating is GOOD. Not only is it a constant reminder of how you are bettering your body during your workout, but it is actually good for you and your skin. That’s why you should always make sure to bring a deodorant, and not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants attempt to stop you from sweating while deodorants simply eliminate some of the negative effects of sweat (such as odor).

Lucky for you, we’re kind of experts in the deodorant category. You won't find any harsh chemicals or aluminum in Lavilin deodorants. They utilize plant extracts and oils to help address odor without interfering with the body's natural ability to remove toxins/sweat.

So the next time you find yourself heading out the door for the gym, remember these five tools not only to maximize your time and effort, but to make sure your body is being taken care of throughout your entire workout.