Exotic Alternatives to Coffee

Meat(less) Monday: Recipes, nutrition tips and advice on food your body will thank you for. OK, maybe not completely meatless, but healthy, for sure. 

By: Lindsey Carman

When any of us need that extra energy kick, we immediately turn to coffee. But there are other alternatives besides chugging this caffeinated, addicting drink. Tea, smoothies and other drinks are great substitutes, and it’s good to switch it up every so often. Drinking too much coffee can have negative effects on your health and body, so try switching up your daily cup of coffee for something else. 

Peppermint tea has wonderful benefits. Not only will this drink refresh your breath and settle upset stomachs, but it also revitalizes and rejuvenates your body. With its organic contents, you can drink as much peppermint tea as you want and not have bad effects from it.

Drinking lemon water is another great alternative. This drink keeps your body hydrated, has zero calories and cleanses out your body as well. Just cut a couple of lemon wedges and throw a few mint leaves in a bottle of water, and you have a healthy, rejuvenating drink for on-the-go.

Whipping together a green smoothie boosts your system with great nutrients and positive effects. The options are endless as well: wheatgrass, celery, kale and other green foods make tasty smoothies when mixed with fruit or yogurt. Not only will it be a nice change from the monotonous routine of drinking coffee, but your body will also thank you.

There are many more options, such as chai tea, pomegranate juice and exotic teas, so substituting that cup of coffee is easy. It’s always good to switch up drinks and eat or drink everything in moderation, so try a new favorite, energy-boosting drink in the a.m. or afternoon.



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