The Healthiest Cycle

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By: Collin Dieffenbach

Our world is possibly under attack from rising temperature and greenhouse gases. Many experts believe that so many cars on the world’s roads is exponentially increase the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and escalating climate change.

Is there any better way to help the environment and yourself than bicycling? Imagine feeling the cool wind on your face, the chirping of birds and the freedom of sitting upright. That definitely beats being cramped into a stuffy car waiting behind hundreds of honking cars while you commute to work every day. Bicycling is a great way to reduce stress, and improve your health. Bicycling is also carbon dioxide free, because the only that powers your bike is you. Not a hazardous power plant that uses fossil fuels to create energy.

Let’s not forget that driving a car is a very expensive pastime. Not only is the car itself thousands of dollars, but the gas and maintenance will really add up and hurt your wallet in the long run. Buying a reliable bike is certainly an investment. However, it pays for itself and requires much less maintenance. And you already buy fuel for your bike when you buy fuel for yourself.

Bicycling also greatly improves health. It is a great way to get your daily cardio in. Bicycling is also less stressful on your joints than jogging is.

Bicycling has been around for decades. There is definitely a reason it has not disappeared or vanished.



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