Sweat Is Good

Let's face it: For a long time, sweat has suffered an image problem. From leaving behind embarrassing, yellow pit stains on our favorite white tees, to being the culprit of stinky B.O., sweat is a real problem child — right? Wrong.

Not only is sweat sexy, sweat is vital.

In addition to being the way the our body naturally protects itself from overheating, sweat offers a number of other noteworthy benefits — such as effectively & efficiently getting rid of toxins, boosting the immune system and blasting zits. It also doesn’t stink (in fact, it’s nearly odorless)! 

Your Pits Aren’t Leftovers

At Lavilin, we don’t condone wrapping your pits up like last night’s leftovers, which is why you’ll never find aluminum in any of our deodorants or personal care products. Unlike most commercial anti-perspirants/deodorants, which contain aluminum in order to clog the pores that release sweat, Lavilin utilizes a proprietary combination of natural herbs and essential oils to neutralize perspiration odor at the source. This not only eliminates the bacteria that cause stinky body odor (versus merely masking it,) but also does so without the use of harsh chemicals!